Designed for High Purity Chemical Heating

Product Description

Designed for the most demanding chemical applications and to provide years of trouble-free performance.

  • Features

    • Constructed with our exclusive patented N2 “purged” elements for extended service life.
    • High efficiency in a compact design, and an excellent alternative for replacing strip heaters on quartz tanks.
    • TFB for bottom heater applications, and TFW for inside tank wall requirements.
    • All wetted parts are fluoropolymer and compatible with virtually any chemistry for unlimited process options. (Not to be used with flammable solutions.)
    • Low watt density design promotes process temperature uniformity.
  • Specifications

    • From 500 - 12,000 watts
    • 120 to 600 volts, single or three phase
    • Up to 10 watts per square inch (1.5w/cm2)
    • Up to 130º Celsius (266° F). For higher temperatures, see Options section.
  • Options Available (consult factory)

    • .030 inch (0.76mm) thick sheath available for applications above 130°C (266° F) or for use with certain chemistries such as nitride etch or HF
    • PID temperature control module
    • Custom configurations and lengths
    • Element gas purge flow regulator panel
    • Bolt down feature
    Fluoropolymer Heater

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